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New area opens - Collecting Flat figures


Scott Johnson:
This is an area that I have a real interest in. I've tried painting flats with limited success. I've always (over 40 years) been a "collector," but wargamer would be more accurate. This new area on the IFFS web will bring me and hopefully others back to it more often.

Super work, now is a real busy time at work and besides I need to think about this thing called "Collecting " and plan a strategy. Would be nice if I can get some retailers on board to talk product and what's hot and new. maybe talk about the process of bringing a subject to mass market?
I'll do some digging

You are reall quick Marko !
Now we have to fill the section 

To quote one of our members -

"My input would be that the society is for most members a forum of artists who paint flat's, which is fine but does that truly reflect the body of those interested in flats and collecting flats?I am a collector, I just have never been able to develop the skills needed to paint these tiny works of art to a level that I would collect. My lack of ability in no way diminishes my love and respect for the art.I do spend substantial sums collecting painted figures and commissioning flats for painting.I believe there are many collectors like myself out there, perhaps more than the number of artists that might be drawn into actual participation on the forum if we could create spaces and subjects that would appeal to who would consider themselves collectors?could this kind of expansion of the member base benefit the society?Ray"

As such this new section has opened as well as a New Gallery area as well;cat=24

Excellent suggestion Ray.

Please let me know some logical Categories for this area and I will be happy to add them to this section.

- cheers



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