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Sonora Mexico


Phil Y:
 Erich, Henry hello. Thanks  for your comments, picture re Mexico Sonora. I found them most helpful. Much obliged Phil Young.

beloc zoc:
Hello Phil,

the serie contains the numbers MSo02 - MSo07 and MSo09 - MSo25 and were engraved by Johannes Frauendorf. All these types are available by Kirsten Howey, Burg. The type MSo01 is Sitting Bull and available from Wolfgang Unger. The type MSo08 never exists.

Best regards Henry

Hello Phil,
this is a pic from "Berliner Zinnfiguren".    The figures must be available from Kirsten Howey, Burg.

Unfortunately I have no catalogue from Howey. A few of the mexicans are here too, but I have not
painted them all until now.


Phil Y:
 Hi everyone.I have just had my copy  of Rick Sanders new book Zinnfiguren  H ANS muller ERFURT, AND WHAT A GEM IT IS .In it there is mention of a series called Sonora Mexico I.tried the relevant web site  but could not get anything. Can anyone supply any illustrations of these figures.Much obliged PHIL Young


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