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British cavalry during the Victorian Era - long project

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Jerry: thank you for the reply, that is what I was looking for. As the figure I m painting is the officer, I will try to edit it somehow by adding the sabretache without any damage to the paint  :-X ::)  ........anyway I googled booklets - 15 pcs for 5pounds, that worhts I just wrote to the seller (one more thanks for a good tip). 

Christian: thank you  :)

Nice project!

BG Christian

There was a series of small booklets on the yeomanry cavalry by L.Barlow and R.J.Smith with illustrations by Bob Marrion. I have No 2 the North Somerset Yeomanry. The illustrations show them with the sabretache worn by officers throughout the Victorian period. Not by other ranks, though. The booklets were: Sussex Yeomanry, North Somerset Yeomanry, Yorkshire Hussars, Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry, 3rd count of London Sharpshooters, Duk of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, Yorkshire Dragoons, Lovat Scouts and Scottish Horse, Warwickshire and Worcestershire yeomanry.

thanks! ;)

Merlino: Schmidt figures I had from Mr. Gruenewald as per link


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