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British cavalry during the Victorian Era - long project

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The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914  by L Barlow
and RJ Smith there are 15 in this series Next is Fifty of Yeomanry Uniforms by R.G Harris  wrote the series Fredrick Muller had it printed The Almark Series has some books so now you have a range of books 😂 Willie

Books - British Yeomanry Uniforms: An Album of Coloured Prints by Richard Simkin, by Lawrence V. Archer
Uniforms of the Yeomanry Regiments 1783-1911 by P.H. Smitherman

..... in the end it was not that hard to add the sabretache

That is interesting.....I have a few magazines & books and following great website uniformology however sometimes it just let my imagination working.

e.g.:  By 1850 the trousers may have become green in line with the officers. It is very likely that the other troops of Suffolk Yeomanry had also worn green coats but with scarlet facings, however there is no direct information on this. 

I painted trousers blue - as it looks like blue from the paint.

I will come more with other figures  ;D ;D ;D this is just a warm up.

There is quite a lot of info in the series of Tradition magazines published by Tradition of London many years ago, but it would take a bit of time searching through them to find the sort of information you want. These were very good quality magazines, I have the full set. Will have a bit of a search if I get the time.


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