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Phil Y:
Many thanks to all that replied to my request for information on Biblical Sets.  You have been most helpful.

Phil Young

Just to complement it

Bakat has a number of (bigger) sets

But also this one

Zinnflachfiguren: das Treffen zwischen Kleopatra und Cäsar , 30mm | eBay

The Neckel set for Caesar & Cleopatra is different than the one Hannibal notes - just a matter of taste. 

Also as I recall Mr Eric Talmant also has a number of the Biblical sets in one of his galleries as well.

mark  8)

two sets of Caesar and Cleopatra on sales on Benedikt Widmann (pisanello)
Zinnfigur Altertum Caesar und Cleopatra 30mm Flachfigur Flat Figure | eBay


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