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Burgundy from Mohr

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I saw that Christoph it is an interesting number use as far as value.  (A case where I was not tempted oddly enough - a lottttttt of money to spend for something I will not get around to finishing.   550 figures would make quite a diorama still.)

I work for a large sports company and there is a very active market for our sneakers including used products - they have their own scale of price, a separate EBAY like entity to buy and sell as well authenticators who will look at your $25,000 sneakers and determine if they are real or not.

I wonder if flat figures will eventually gain this sort of notieriety at which point I am sitting on a veritable gold mine of wealth!

mark  8)

there are 550 figures from the Murten set by Gottstein and Blum on sell on ebay for just 2749 Euro.


yes but who should I ask? are there anything to have?

Hi Merlino,
the majority of the figures are from the series Schlacht bei Murten of Blum (gravour by Mohr), the others are from Kollbrunner's Murten set.
Check the catalog on this site:


one of the tree books of Mohr production.....


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