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Looking for Ernst Henniges, KST (Kästner), Hans Jörg Stoll catalogs or info

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Hi Werner,

i can help you with the Stoll catalog and with an ebay seller who has some of the Kastner moulds. Unfortunatly i don't have the catalog. Pleas send me a pm with your email,

all the best,


hi everybody, i am mainly collecting 30mm Flats from the Renaissance period, so mostly Landsknechts, Reisige, Knights etc and also Ottoman figures usable for he same period, like 1st siege of Vienna, plus Hungarians for same era.
Now i came across several nice Landsknecht figures from KST (Kästner) and Hans Jörg Stoll but have never seen a catalog or list that would show me their whole range for this period, Also i have quite some figures from Ernst Henniges, while a bunch of his figures are nowadays available from other producers, a lot of others are not.
therefore if anybody has a catalog or even a list of any of these manufactures would be highly appreciated.

while i am asking, any info on Johannes Frauendorf and his catalog would be great as well.
Thx all.


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