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Looking for Ernst Henniges, KST (Kästner), Hans Jörg Stoll catalogs or info

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Thanks Peter, I will check it out.

Hi Werner,
When I was in Kulmbach last year there was a stand selling Frauendorf figures.  According to the Zinnfiguren Borse Almanac the stand was for Rainer Herfurth.  I have just looked online and discovered that Herr Herfurth has a site showing Frauendorf figures of the Franco-Prussian war painted by Gianpaolo Bistulfi.  Also on the Herfurth site there is a link to www.zinnfiguren

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,
Peter oo~


Thx for all your help. i will contact Frank Dittmar and see what he has from Kaestner. a list or catalog sure would be great for reference.
i have most of the Tobinnus figures and saw that Frank Dittmar has them on his website as well.
on the EH figures i have all the ones Mr. Wilken has and also a bunch more from ebay, so i know there must be quite a lot of other figures still out there as well.
Mr Wilken once told me the Henniges had quite a lot of moulds but also sold them quite quickly as well and they seem to be all over the place. like i just bought some Burgundians from EH that were then with GO and now are with Mr. Dangelmaier. sure hope one day to have a catalog from Henniges. thx all.

Hello Werner,
Mr. Kästner went out of business years ago. Frank Dittmar of Schmalkalden told me he bought most of the moulds. He also owns a lot of the former Tobinuus mould of spanish renaissance figures. He sells them on ebay from time to time but not shows them on his homepage. The best is to ask him directly. He bough lots of moulds in the last years.

Alexander Wilken has some former Hennigs moulds. Download his cataloge from his homepage, the Hennings figures are marked with EH.

Could I get a copy of this catalog as well please, I am slowly collecting all I can get my hands on.


mark  8)


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