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With the passing of Dick Jenkins Western Miniatures is no longer a running concern.  The moulds have been bought by a number of different folks with some remaining with the family I believe.  Brian King is your best source for what went where, you might ask him specifically what you are interested in.

There is some info here:

As far as the catalog what is shown in the History section was taken from scans of his paper catalog done by myself.  There is no PDF of it and the catalog is no longer for sale.

I have noticed quite a few of Dick's figures showing up on - Germany - so it is nice to see his legacy lives on.


mark  8)

.......and all the rest of the catalog, where can you buy it?
Have a PDF version of the catalog? thank you     8)

Some pictures of Dick's delightful line of miniatures - mostly painted by Jon Redley - per Jerry Mortimore.

RAF - WWI and Indian Mountain Artillery
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Arabia Series
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Alice & Wind in the Willows
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One of the well known producers from Great Britain, Dick Jenkins, passed in 2020. 

Dick's company, Western Miniatures, produced a variety of figures which had a little something for everyone.  Some of them such as Battle of Bosworth, Flodden are now available from Schmalkaden Zinnfiguren with some of the better know sets - Flower Fairies, Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows still undetermined.

Western Catalog


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