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Well Wolfgang, not 30mm but a little bigger at 40mm but they do stand !!

Gerald, had the three parts off the FB but lost them thanks for the lead back again

Going to have to buy some tools  ::)


You are very diligent and enjoy it, so you will be successful.
You'll know that already, but if it does not, maybe it can help you.

Brain, all nonsense.
 You do not need 20 years to take over my and Wolfgang Friedich's workbench.

Stay with 30 mm figures, they learn to copy fast.
It makes no sense to engrave things that have neither abdomen and legs and can not stand by itself. 8)
Anders and quickly praised low erziehlen a good execution of engravings.

Use a modeling clay to make an impression of a similar figure you have.
And copy the partitions where you see problems.
they are clearly in the advantage, they will do it!


Okay got the 40mm's  but here is the Bilbo and Gollum painted in oils

Plus "Ogri" and the three I did a while ago ,see it is getting better hahaha


and then we got 40mm, all WIP


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