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The catalog are the old Krog listings which includes all the Gottstein sets other than the Charge of the Light Brigade, I believe.  Just click on the Krog link in the post at the bottom.  Sir Jerry M added some pages to this, I don’t believe he has any other listing.

Mark  8)

Resurrecting an old Thread .......
Marko:   you said that Jerry Mortimer has compiled a catalogue (of Gottstein figures).  Is it possible to see this / where to find it?
I've asked ZFL about the moulds they have restored and what they hold / are able to release as figures, but certainly would be interested in seeing any available listings (for Field of Cloth of Gold etc rather than Murten et al, the listings for which I already have thanks to the members here).
Best Regards to all.

I exchanged eMails just in the recent days with Mr. Burlet.
He comfirmed that the museum really owns about 70 Gottstein figures mould from the Burgundian times, but at present they do not sell figures.
Other way he proved to be a nice person, answered my eMail on the very next day.

Well, frankly said, this shop is a bad joke  >:(
They sell ONE item....

I have just added a gallery and put in an image of the Gottstein dinosaurs. They are pretty old-fashioned now as the way in which dinosaurs are viewed has changed radically over the years, but fun to paint.


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