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Krog / Gottstein Zinnfiguren

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Thanks to Jerry Mortimore now a complete catalog including some cool dinosaurs.

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Wolfgang, are you saying the figures or the moulds will be for sale at Kulmbach?

If only I had invested more wisely I could have been the envy of my flat friends....

A shame to break them up but, hopefully some sets will be back in circulation as a result.

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Hi marco and for all who are interested.
The Gottstein forms have been restored and are available for cast casting for disposal.
Can you adjust to the fact that the complete range of figures standing on the Kulmbach stock market this year for disposal.
Whether the beautiful figures are sold in complete series or in individual items, I can not answer unfortunately.
So in Kulmbach the world of figures is reflected in the solder. :) :) :) :)

Another vendor now out of business, Krog was one of my all time favorites with a number of the classic Gottstein sets and figures such as Henry VIII, Staff of Louis XIV and Elizabeth at Tillbury and the incomparable elephants of the Punic Wars.


Moulds were purchased by Leipzig Association who hopefully will make the figures available once more.


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