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I think there are 2 sets about Babylon/Assur. The first is Gottstein now with Leipziger Zinnfigurenfreunde. That`s the originals. Hinsch copied any of them and put any news too. The "Phönizische Gesandtschaft" or the set "Babylon. Gelage". The slave-market was copied by Hinsch and he brought any  new types.  It`s difficult.

It looks like Hinsch is part of Ochel/Kieler offering.  Try here:

Mark  8)

Phil Y:
I thought the set of Babylonian figures was exceptional, and something I would really like for myself.Can anyonetell me where I can get them.Unfortunately I could not progress past the name HINSCH. many thanks Phil Young

Bravo, I love your way of painting  :) :) 

Very fine work!



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