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Hello Rick,

I missed also Kulmbach in 2017.... triple bypass in Turkey 10 days after my last email below, on 10 June 2017 ..
I did not go in 2019 due to family reasons, but I am now setting a 30 pictures gallery on Kulmbach 2019 with pictures of your paintings, they are absolutely astonishing !

Need to focus on your comments and technique to improve my 30mm, as it becomes more and more a passion even on my age ....


Sorry I am not on Facebook; I am not going to Chicago, being in Turkey.

Rick Taylor:
I am on Facebook I communicate better that way

Rick, I would love to read you on this !!! I am attempting to improve the quality of painting in 30mm, but not quiet easy ...

I read your article on Axeman three weeks ago, excellent description indeed ..... !! I will go back to it.


WELL done! It's a standard you don't often see. Looking forward to your article!



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