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For those World War II painters out there . I found this book on the polish army in World War II. Wojsko Polskie 1939-1945 By Barwa i Bron  printed in 1990.  The book is in Polish and it covers the uniforms of the Polish Forces in the war. Some of the art work could be improved on but others are great for information on uniforms and rank. This will fit in nice with my other books in French, Finish, Russian, Italian. Japanese, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian ::)  Willie

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 Well the oxcart arrived today with some new books. After 8 months My Royal Navy Uniforms 1930 -1945 arrived today. The book is published by Crowood Press written by Martin J. Brayley .This is the third in the series of British Military Uniforms in World War II the book covers lots and lots of uniforms and ranks. So if you are looking for inspiration on painting British sailors then get this book. The next book has been on the New York Times bestseller list. Elephant Company is a story about James Howard Williams and his units of elephants in Burma, I started to read it and can't put it down I like it 8)  The third is Camouflage & Markings of Canadian Military Vehicles volume 1 &2 nice art work in both.

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 Just received this book today and I think this would make some interesting figures to paint. Armies of the War of the Triple  Alliance 1864-70 By Osprey Publishing Men-at Arms #499 :o . Also  Armies of the 19th Century; The Americas The Paraguayan War by Foundry Publishing lots of black and white drawings . Another book would be Uniformes de la Guerra del Pacifico 1879-1881 by Partizan  Press lots of color plates and my book is in Spanish but I believe  they are now in English . Willie

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John R yes its is and I have it just forgot about it. Also looking into They Rode and Fought. What I would like is the series of post card by A.C.Lovett  I got some of these cards many many years ago and I would like to get some more. I tried the National Army Museum and I found nothing. So if you guys know let me know where I can get them Willie


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To complete your Indian army collection you must add" The Armies of India" by Major C.F. MacMunn and illustrated by Major A.C.Lovett. I think it's one of the best around.

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Could add 'So They Rode and Fought' by Major General S.Shahid Hamid.
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Ok Now I have the flowing Traditions
                      1. #45 The Gurkha Issue
                      2. #29 Indian Mutiny Part 1
                     3. # 30 Indian Mutiny Part 2
                     4. # 50 Indian Cavalry Part 1
                     5. # 73 Indian Cavalry Part 2
     Almark Publishing
                     1. Indian Cavalry
                     2. Skinners Horse
      History of the Indian Army
                    1. The Indian Army By Mollo
                    2. The Indian Army  and the Kings Enemies 1900-1947 By Trench
                    3. The Indian Army of the Empress 1861-1903 By Harfield
                    4. The North West Frontier By Barthorp
                    5. Rivals of the Raj By Peter Abbot
                    6. The British in India 1825-1859 By John French
                    7. The British Indian Army 1860-1914 By Shire publishing
                    8. The Military in British India 1660-1947 By Heathcote
                    9. The Indian Army the Garrison of British Imperial India By Heathcote
                  10. The Frontier Ablaze Northwest Frontier Rising 1897-1898 By Barthorp
               This is what I have in my bookcases I hope this will be a help to the society when you paint figures Willie

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  Ok here we go with the Indian Army listing
              Uniform guides
                      1. An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms By Michael Glover nice book lots of color.
                      2. Indian Army Uniforms Infantry By W.C.Carman  I would say it is the bible of  Indian Army Uniforms
                      3. Indian Army Uniforms Cavalry By W.C.Carman   This goes for this one also .
                      4. The Ackermann Military Prints Uniforms of the British and Indian Armies 1840-1855
             Osprey Series
                      1. 219  Queen Vitoria's Enemies # 3 India
                      2.  324 The North-East Frontier 1837-1901
                      3. 421  The Sikh Army
                      4. 453 Armies of the East India Company 1750-1850
                      5. 67 The Indian Mutiny
                      6. 268 The British Troops in the Indian Mutiny 1857-59
                      7. 41 The Gurkha Rifles
                      8  72 North-West Frontier 1837-1947
                      9. 91 Bengal Cavalry Regiments 1857-1914
                    10.  31 30th Punjabis
                    11.  92 Indian Infantry Regiments 1860-1914
         Elite Series
                      1. 49 The Gurkhas
                      2. 75 The Indian Army 1914-1947
                     So this is a start I have still pull out my Traditions and Almark series and next the history of the Indian Army  Willie

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So I had to come threw the back door since Google does not have the web page she had this morning and now its gone :(  Ok Another book for the colonial people in the group. The Frontier Ablaze the Northwest Frontier Rising 1897-98 By Michael Barthorp. This book is about 19 years old but it is one of the best ones I have seen . Lots and lots of very outstanding B/W photos and the color plates are out standing. it is printed by Windrow & Greene I also have the Somme 1916 witch is another out standing book from this publisher.  I was wondering if anyone of  would be interested in me doing say a list of say Indian Colonial books and if this was received well I could do others different periods Willie

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Hi for all you British Colonial people out there I just got this little book today The British Army from Old Photographs By Boris Mollo. Not bad for being 40 years old. Lots of B/W pictures in there and the Indian ones are great.. Makes me want to have Dubar right now  :o  Just think of all the Lancer regiments you could paint  :P  The Elephant Artillery and Indian Regiments you could have and model nice forts in the Northwest frontier. Picture 18 is interesting they are loading elephants on a train at Mooltan 1893 . So you could have the Indian Army of the Queen Empress. Just remember mad dogs and English Men Don't go out in the noon day Sun.  8)  Willie

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 Like I just stated in another part of this form :o  This new Osprey book is a outstanding work on this subject but what is even better is the art work :o .  Now to hunt down the figures and get started painting
                1. Sea People of the Bronze Age Mediterranean C.1400 BC-1000 BC. 2015
               2.  Early Aegean Warrior 5000-1450 BC  2013
               3. Bronze Age Greek Warrior 1600-1100 BC  2011
               4. The Carthaginians 6th-2nd Century BC  2014

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981 My list of books just went up .  :P  Now for the US Army Uniform lovers comes a book that will help you out. U S Army Soldiers and  Their Chevrons By William K Emerson printed in 2013 and James Bender publishing. So if you are interested in this area of military you should get this book Willie

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 So here we go with a listing.  ;D   The first list will not be on Uniforms or History but Color Mixing and painting. ???  I think that these should be a help to all of us in the society. They contain lots of information on mixing colors. The first are the Color Mixing Recipes By William F.Powell. Nice books with lots of information for over 500 color combinations. Second and one of the best books on skin colors is How to paint Skin Tones By James Horton printed in 1995 . Third is Color Mixing for Artists By John Lidzey printed in 2002 . Also Horse Color witch I have talked about before. This should keep you at your work bench Willie
                                                           Color Mixing Recipes
                                                        1. Color Mixing Recipes for Oil and Acrylic paints
                                                        2. Color Mixing Recipes For Portraits
                                                        3. Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes

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980!!!! thats more than my local library!!!!  perhaps we should call you   'The Librarian'  hahaha

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Thanks Nick.  If you have a question I will be glad to see if I have a book on it ;)  I started this love with books when I was a kid and that would go along with model soldiers also. From my first book by Bob Bard to today with Histoire & Collection.  I forgot to ad another one The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II by Chris Bishop. The Author produces a lot of books for Amber publishing and this book is a collection of several books already printed. Like his first World War I book it dose not go into a lot of information on the weapons system, but just what I want. One of the great things about it is the price Amazon has them cheap.  As I set here I had a idea come into my mind. What do you all think of starting a listing of books on various periods some of these are in print and out of print. We could also include prints and post cards. Besides it give me a chances to see what I have :o  At last count I have 980 books Willie