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Am waiting on Helion's publication of House's Lost Opportunity.  Always fascinated on the Great War's Battle of Frontiers after reading Keegan's August 1914 from Ballantine.

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   OK so here are a few new books you might like . I found this today at the used book shop The Royal Australian Engineers 1835-1902  By Maj Gen R.R.McNicoll; CBE  1977   A nice little history of the Engineers. Men at Arms The Medieval  Indian Armies Vol 2 Islam  Czechosiovack Army 1939-1945
   Ottoman Army 1821-1914  The Union Army 1860-1865 vol 1 From Helion & Company will be in Feb to March if there lucky.  Some of these I have been weighting for year and a half  ???   :(  If they are have troubles in the Red Sea then give me about 2 weeks and I turn it into a vacation spot . >:(   Willie

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 Sorry  An Illustrated Encyclopedia of  Ancient Greek World and the Ancient Armies  A Detailed study of the fighting men of Classical Greece and the Ancient World of Military Dress Weapons Ships and Artillery By Kevin Kiley  due Feb 1 2024  Willie


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Willie, unable to find your reference "An illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniform of the Ancient Greek world an Ancient armies By Kevin Kelley"
Can you guide?
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       Next would be Helion and Company  the Armies Series 2024
         Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV By Burno Mugnal Vol 7 The German states Vol 1 January Vol 2 April 2024  ******

          French Armies in the 30 years War 1618-48 By Stephane Thion 

          16th Century Irish Armies 1487-1618 By Robert Gresh

           Armies of the French East Indian Companies 1660-1770 By Rene Chartrand *****************************

           John Company's Armies  Military Forces of British Armies

           Note I forgot the Authors of the Last Book  Also go to there web page lost of books on different subject 

     Last  An illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniform of the Ancient Greek world an Ancient armies By Kevin Kelley

            This series covers the Revolution Napoleonic Wars The 19th Century World Wars I and II Roman Army  :o :o

        So that should keep you in a chair reading  ???  Willie


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 As the year comes to close I wish everyone a Marry Christmas and A Great New year.  As you know Book Publisher are having a  not so great time. So here are a few things that you could pick up and preorder :o  So lets start with Osprey Publishing

          Men At Arms Series

          The Dacians and Getae at War By Andrei Pogacias  #549 2023

           The Dutch Indonesian War 1945-49 By Marc-Lohngten #550 2023

           The Ottoman Armies 1820-1914  By Gabriele Esposito  # 551 2023 #551

           Medieval Indian Armies By David Nicolle Vol 2 #552      2023  ***************** 8)

          2024 The First half of the year

            The Union Army The Regulars Army's Territories Vol 1   By Ron Filed  #553

            Czechoslovak Army 1939 -1945 By Nigel Thomas #554

            The Union Army 1861-65 Eastern and New England States By Ron  #544

             Germany French Allies 1941-45 By Massimilliance Afiero #556

          2024 Last half of the year no dates  yet

             Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces Vol 3

             Joan of Arcs Army French Armies under Charles XVI 1415--53  By Phillippa Gallard

            Ground Forces in The Korean War 1951-53 by Benjamin Lai          Willie[size=78%]            [/size]



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  Ok I have been away from the book page for some time . Last three weeks I have been in Chicago baby setting my daughter apartment in Chicago while she went to Cambodia. Not much in the way of used book stores . I am back and just order War and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV #6 vol 2 the Italian Armies. The end of this month I will be ordering  volume 7  #1 The German Armies The second volume  # 2 will be in spring of 2024. Wille

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   Just got the Their Infantry and Guns Will Astonish You By Andy Copestake , the Army of Hindustan and European Mercenaries in Maratha Service very interesting book . Willie

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    Well some news first of all I left my book Merchant Ships in Color at a friends house and he put it next to books on U Boat's and it sunk ::)  Today my copy of The Ottoman Army of the Napoleonic Wars came 1784-1815 The struggle for survival from Egypt to the Balkans. BY Bruno Mugnai This Author is very good on his subjects.  The next two books of his are Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV volume 6 Part two the Italian Armies1660 -1690 and number 7 German Troops. This is a nice series. Willie

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    I found these two books and thought they would be nice to have. First is Pirate of the Far East 811-1639 by Stephen Turnbull Osprey series. I think everyone knows this author for his books on Armies of the Far East.  Since there are a lot of Samurai figures you could have a nice group of Pirates. Next is a Macmillan Color Series on Merchant Ships of the World in Color1910-1929 By Laurence Dunn these series where printed in the 60s-70s  Willie

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  I am Back with some more updates :o  Osprey publish there Elite Series 1, Dutch Resistance  2. The Post Roman Kingdom AD 450-300  Dark Ages Gaul & Britain 3. Anglo Saxon and Warlords AD 400-1070 in Oct by Rafael D Armato  4 US Marines 1775-1859 by Ron Filed out at the end of this month. 8)  Willie

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       There seems to be a lot of Interest in the Ottoman Armies .  :o   Osprey Men at Arms well be releasing  the Ottoman Armies 1820-1914 in August. Next would be Helion & Company The Ottoman Armies of the Napoleonic Wars 1784-1815 .  If anyone has this book I would like to know what you think of the art work . Third would be the Italian Soldier shop  and the web page the Ottoman Army .  Next the 16th and 17th Centuries. The Men of Warre, The Tutor Art of War 2 volumes, Irish 16th century Armies  by Helion & Company. My book on the Irish of this period is from Wargames Foundry 16th Century Armies.  8)  More Ospreys Men at Arms would be The Dacians and Gelae at War. The Dutch Indonesian War 1945-1949 comes out in June, Medieval Indian Armies #2 Czechoslovak Armies 1939-1945 well be released 2024,The Union Army Vol 1 by Ron Field.  ::)  Ok this is my take on the Civil War book. This Author has written lots of books on the Civil War in this series and I have them, I just don't see it what am I missing here  :-\  let me know what you think. Willie

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   Hi all. Well I am well and kicking. For those who are looking for something  to buy in the fall I have the book for You. A new title from Helion & Company Armies and Wars of the French East India Companies  1664 By Rene Chartrand. This well be number 6 in this series 8)  Also Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV Volume 6 part 1 is out  part 2 well be out in the Fall. Italian Armies  160-1690. Number 7 well be out in the spring German Armies 1660-1690 By Bruno Mugnai. Willie


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Bloody hell Willie,  I'd say it's them KLIO guys trying to thin us out  ;D ;D

But you take care  ;)

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     Well there's never a dull moment around here . Two weeks ago we had a drive by and they shoot up my Daughters car and put a round in mine >:(  So I am sort of hunkered down at the moment. Never thought being a member would be so dangerous  :o    We are both OK  Not much doing on the book front . Willie  8)  PS they pissed me off >:(