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Jim Horan, Flats For Sale
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Jim Horan has received several collections of flats and is ready to part with some of them. He wrote to me recently with the following sale information: As before I now still have about 10,000 unpainted figures available for sale, Renaissance 1500-50, Spanish Conquistadors,  30 Years War , 7 Years War  Blue King and Turks 1680-1720. My figures are mostly Ludwig Frank or Sixtus Maier engraved.  My price is one dollar per foot, two per horseman and something more for bigger pieces.  I can offer a 10 percent discount for 100 dollar orders up to 500.  Then a 15% discount over 500 dollars per order.  Buyer will pay for shipping and I will ship worldwide at the buyers risk.  In relation to the painted collection, I am selling for a deceased friend's family. The prices will be from 50 cents on up to ?  according to the quality of the painting (mediocre to excellent) .  This is approximately a collection of 25,000 figures, the subjects are ancients, Greeks/ Persians, Egyptians , elephants, some beautifully painted , Romans, Cartaginians, ancient Germans, chariots, midlevels, Carolingians, Crusaders, Saracens, Teutonic Knights and Poles in great numbers, 30 years war, Blue King and Polish Winged Hussars, 7 Years War in great numbers, Napoleonics, Danish War with Germany 1864 very fine sets, Franco Prussian War in great numbers, Zulu Wars both Zulus and British, British fighting in India verses the Sikhs etc.  WW 1, WW 2.  There are still others in smaller numbers plus some numbers of Rieche 1870 French and Bavarians. You can contact me at

(Jim sent me a few photos to post. You can see them at:
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