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Re: Miniatures Books 2013
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Interesting stuff Wolfgang.  Dioramas do seem to be somewhat of a lost art these days, something flat figures seem to lend themselves to quite well. 

Also hard to believe it is almost Christmas again.  Yikes it flies by.

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Miniatures Books 2013
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Here is my book tips.
Firstly, a gap-filling supplementing the Saxon manufacturer and collector story as with the Krannich Edition (2 books) are published. With many images of figures.
Second, a book to diorama of the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. Very interesting account of the Napoleonic era. Very many pictures.
Third, Flat Figures in Diorama showpieces for American Civil War.
The books are a perfect addition to the Christmas wish list.

Vom Erz zur Zinnfigur. Aus der Geschichte der Zinnfiguren in Südwestsachsen
Wolf-Peter Sander
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This chronicle written at the suggestion of many friends more miniatures from reaching into the late medieval history of pewter in the area of Chemnitz, Freiberg, Zwickau, the Erzgebirge and Vogtland to learn. The results of this extensive research history of figurative representation in tin are documented diverse and graphically illustrated. Without wishing to make a claim to be exhaustive, an attempt was made in this work to capture the many facets of miniatures history for Southwest Saxony.

Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature
Wolfgang Mayer
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In words and images, this book documents the history of October 16th, 1813, gives an account of how the diorama was built from first idea to finish and shares the materials and techniques used. The book, with its multitude of pictures of the completed work, invites the reader on a journey to the past, as only a diorama of this size and accuracy can offer. At the same time, the ‘Cröbern 1813’ project provides a monument to one of the many ‘lost villages’ that once existed in the area to the south of Leipzig.
A large diorama in 1/72nd scale presents the Austrian Army reserves, arriving in the nick of time at the village of Cröbern south of Leipzig to prevent a break-through of Napoleon’s troops through the allied centre. The diorama in 1/72nd scale shows the deployment of Nostiz’ Austrian Cuirassier Division and the infantry divisions commanded by Weißenwolff and Bianchi as well as the entire village of Cröbern.
More than one hundred high-resolution photographs show the model in all details.
English text, self publishing

American Civil War 1861-1865
Zinnfiguren in Dioramen und Schaustücke
Wolfgang Bock
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In recent years, the employment figures with flat has become very popular to the American Civil War. One reason, a special book on the topic, flat tin figures in dioramas and showpieces surrendered.
German and English text, Paperback
Author and publisher Privatoffizin Bock
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