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« Reply #172 on: September 15, 2021, 07:21:47 PM »
Well my Armies of Julius Caesar came today and I like it a lot. There is one color plate B2 of  a Celtic Auxiliary Cavalryman Britannia 54 BC . What makes this guy so interesting is his Helmet I have never seen this kind :o  They state that it was found in West Sussex  and on page 45 they have a reconstruction of it in the Novium Museum Chichester  I think it would make a neat figurer  Willie

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« Reply #171 on: September 09, 2021, 04:28:32 PM »
 Next week I well be getting Osprey Elite series  Armies of Julius Caesar 58-44 BC by  Raffaele D Amato  Next month  Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV Volume 4 :o  The Armies of Spain and Portugal The 5th and final one well be Feb 2022 :o


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Thanks Willie  8)

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 I forgot these two books  ???  Uniforms of the US Navy 1776-1967 adopted from the United States Navy History Division Series  By Captain James Tily and art by H.Charles  McBaorron  these are prints  taken from the Company of Military Historians . The Second is The American Soldier this series was done in the late 60s By The United States Army Center of Military History Illustrations By H. Charles McBarron  They are nice books to have since you cant get these series from the Army any more :-[  Willie

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 Sorry about the size thing my computer is mad at me >:(

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Well its been some time since I updated this page ???   The year is almost coming to a end 4 months left  :o  Between Shut Downs. Slap Downs, Clamp Downs, Elections,  :o  Container Ships getting Stuck in Water Ways. The Publishing Industry has had a hard time of it. So I well give you a update on what I have gotten in 8 months :o  Lets start with Helion & Company

     1. The Armies and Wars of the Sun King 1643-1715   volume 4 the last in this series The War of the Spanish Succession  Artillery, Engineers, Militias  great series
     2. The Army of George II  a nice book on his Army

     3.   Piedmont and the Spanish Succession 1701-1712
     4     Armies of Philip IV of Spain
     Case mate Publishing
        Old Testament Warriors By Simon; Elliott

     Osprey Men At Armies  Series
        #540 Armies in Southern Russia 1918-19  Some ideas in this for painting figures
        #541 Armies of the War of the Grand Alliance 1688-97

      There are more coming but the dates are up in the Air 

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Osprey MAA #538 arrived  Today Napoleons Women Camp Followers  :o I like this book I like the information in it and it would make a very interesting set of flats. Let me know what you think. Willie

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« Reply #165 on: March 13, 2021, 03:03:09 PM »
Well the second volume  The Danish Army  of Napoleonic Wars  arrived today 😎 Covering Organization, Uniforms & Equipment  Cavalry and Artillery , David A Wilson  Helion & Company  The Third volume comes out in the fall . Willie


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« Reply #164 on: February 26, 2021, 12:56:42 PM »
Agree Willie, for painting reference (working books) most are the cheaper soft cover and do like a  colour picture or two of the uniform is always good, my special books tend to be hard back, and yes I still prefere to open a book then get lost on the internet  ;)   

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« Reply #163 on: February 25, 2021, 10:28:11 PM »
While coming back from a Toy Solider Show in DC I got in a conversation with My friend Benjamin King about books. Ben is a Author and Historian . One of his books he wrote was Spearhead of Logistics The History of the US Army Transportation Corps and he gave staff talks at Yorktown Battle filed . There where Officers from all over the World.  We where talking about what does the painter of figures want. That's a good question :o  what do you want. Books on Uniforms in the last 50 years have doubled in content . We both said that when we where young if it had color picture of a Uniforms we bought it :o .  Now these days you can go on the internet and fine about any thing. Yet a lot more painters us books. Today most are Paper Backs vise Hardback.  I use Osprey because if I do get paint on them I am not out $100 or more :-\  and they don't take up space :-\  Now for the painter historian I would say Helion & Company and don't leave out books not in English .and the Hard Bound Classics . We both agreed on what I said. I am not a expert if I was life would be a bit dull :'(  I well still open a book when I need information. I would like to hear from you on what you think :o   Now the latest books that just came Osprey German Troops in the American Revolution Hessen-Cassel vol 1  The Portuguese Army and the Seven Years War. Helion & Company Willie.

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« Reply #162 on: February 12, 2021, 08:42:50 PM »
Well the second Volume The Lion from the North came today . By Helion & Company itis a good buy dealing withe Swedish Army in the 30 years War . covering The Navy ,Overseas Colonies . Willie

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Very nice well done  8) Willie


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« Reply #160 on: January 28, 2021, 03:22:52 AM »
I just bought this new book about Belgians in the Habsbourg armies. Wonderful iconography, text....(the book is also print in English, German and Dutch)

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« Reply #159 on: January 27, 2021, 10:39:23 PM »
Well its 2021 and some of the books I ordered are arriving The one good thing in all this mess was I was to go threw my library and down size I was amazed  how many I had on the same subjects😵 so I made up my mind and I got the collection in order . So let's start with Osprey Man at Arms The Numidians 300 BC -300 AD nice little book and the art work is great😁 Next is from Helion &Company  First Lion from the North Vol 2 then there is Italy Piedmont and the War of the Spanish Succession Third is The Armies and Wars of the Sun King 1643-1715 Vol 4 Forth is Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV Vol 4&5 These two are going to be a great series Willie pop

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« Reply #158 on: December 14, 2020, 10:04:55 PM »
I was going threw my library and came across the series done by Wargames foundry There is a load of information in them  :o  The Majority is in black and white drawings Like the old Airfix magazine but done better It might give flat makers some ideas and make some nice gifts Willie