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 Zinnmartina . Yes you are very right the Verlag Militaria  are some of the most outstanding books printed on the subject. I also agree on pictures of the real thing ,its a great help when you are painting.  The Following publisher are out standing Verlag  Militaria  Histoire & Collections, Andrea Publishing, Military Mode Publishing. Now for the paper backs, Osprey, Crowood, Concord,   Almark, Amber Squadron for planes and Armor. So this should keep you looking and in the used books stores a lot. Now what's new  ???  The first one is called Grunt By Antonio Arques A Pictorial Report on the US Infantry's Gear and Life During the Veitnam War. 1965-1975. Once again Andrea has come out with a very out standing book. It covers everything they used in the war from Jungle boots to Playboy its in there. So if you are interested in the war this is a good book to have. Second would be Fight Gear 1942-1945 By Mathieu Bianchi Histoire & Collection it covers everything you need to fly your B17 P51 P47 and uniforms. All most forgot Uniforms of the Sea Services By Colonel Robert H Rankin USMC The book is old printed in 1962 By the Naval Institute covers Navy uniforms from 1776 to 1960 it covers a lot of periods.  Now the shocker after redoing my book list I went into shock 850 books  :o this does not cover the Traditions, Osprey, and I am running out room. :-[  Willie


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For World War I and other periods I think

is of some interest.
I have a book about the austrian-ungarian army in WW I and the book of Frederick the great.
Really great books.
About this two books the important part for me is that they show photos of originals.

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 So time to dust of the book shelve and come up to date. I must say it has been very slow in new books.  :-\   Some of the stuff I have ordered have taken a whole year and still not here. Are friends at Historie & Collection have some what been dragging there feet :o . So here we go. Also does anyone have a answer about those prints I asked about.  Willie
              1. Grunt Illustrated History of the US Infantry in  Vietnam  Uniforms, Equipment, By Antonia Arques
              2. The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War I By Chris Bishop
              3. French Artillery #23 Historie & Collections
              4. French Dragoons #24  Historie & Collections

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 First of all an up date on the yeomanry uniform books. I now have all but two of the series and hope soon to get them. Gerry yes I have Mystic Warriors of the Plains great book .  Now I am going to switch the tables around. Ok fellow members of this Society what are you guys & gals looking for in books. Let me know your ideas ??? Also does anyone know where I can pick up the post cards of the Indian army by Major A.C.Lovett I have some already but there are some I would like to get for my collection  Willie

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Ive got this book,  Willie some years back, its about the best book on the subject, I also recommend Mystic Warriors of the Plains by Mr Mails, same format , so thats a big Book, got mine From Amazon many years ago, still be best book IMHO.

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Some years ago I had seen a set of Apache Indians. Also we have had talks about how the planes Indians Dressed . Well I just received a book today that I think is one of the best on the subject of the Apaches. It is called The People called Apache, large format book by Thomas Emails 1993. This will give you a idea on what the Apaches where and how they lived. Also the  Osprey books are good to have . The Apaches and American Indians of the southwest. So this should help out in painting and engraving . Willie


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Now that will be handy ;) thanks Willie

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The New Journal has a group of Yeomanry Drum Figures from Western Miniatures. It was stated that it would be nice to paint them and did any one know what the drum banners looked like. Will its your lucky day. The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914  #14 Yeomanry Drum Banners and Mounted Bands has the answer. The book is by R.G.Harris. printed in 1991. Nice B/W pictures and a fold out section of the drum banners in color. I picked my book up at Willie

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 This is a change from what I write about in books. While at MFCA show this weekend I bought a very nice book, from a very nice lady who was selling her husband flats and books, he had passed away. The name of the book is Medieval Costume Armor and Weapons by Paul Hamlyn printed in 1958. It is a very outstanding book on the subject. So if anyone could tell me more about it. Let me know Willie

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Ok wake up ???   After almost a year some of my book have arrived ::)  First we start with a small paper backs The Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914 printed years ago, but with lots of information in them They are by L.Barlow  and  R.J.Smith . Another older book is War on The Nile by Michael Barthorp about the Sudan. Next two Osprey subjects. The first is The Carthaginians 6th-2nd Century BC. This is a great book to have for painting and lets hope that someone makes a set of these. Second Forces of The Hanseatic League 13th-15th Centuries. I am getting more and more interested in medieval armies. Third and last Histoire & Collections. I know what I stated before about the German Army and World War II  :P  First  is German Combat equipment in the Militaria  series, its a nice little paper back with lots of photos of equipment, it well not brake your pocket book. Second is Stonne 1940 in  the Men and Battles series. This book gives  you a over view of the battle and there are lots of good photos in it for the modeler . I am still weighting on French Artillery and Dragoons in the Officers and Men Series. So by the end of this year I just might have them. Willie

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  So here we go :)  Die Uniformen des osterreichischen Bundessheeres 1918-1938 By Rolf M. Urrisk. When the imperial Monarchy collapsed there was no money for a new army so they used what was at hand. This book covers the changes that took place in that 20 year period. Lots of nice color pictures in the book. There is a series of 7 books and this one is #6 covering uniforms. It is well worth the money for a book like this.  As for other books not much has come out.  :-\ It seems that publishers are not listening to what the public wants ???  I know they have to make money and they fall back on the good old German Army 1933-1945 :P but I am over that. So if any of you have an idea about a book let me know in the form. Willie

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 After a very long wait my book on The Armies Of Warlord China by Philip Jowett arrived today. This is the second in the series on the Chines Army the first being Soldiers of the White Sun. Lots of pictures of the period. A nice set of prints in the book. Its nice to get books like this ;D It brakes up the same old run of the mill books on Military History and Uniforms. Now a nice set of flats would be nice. Now for those who have a small pocket book or on a budget Osprey has 3 books on the Chines Army of this period 1900-1950  Willie

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 Now for you knight painters ???   A book that will help you in painting Heraldry, or drive you Nuts on trying to paint them. :P  The Dictionary of Heraldry By Joseph Foster. This book covers Feudal Coasts of Arms and Pedigrees. It has been out for some time and when you get one get the hard back version because the paper back one does not have the color in it. So if you paint knights let me know how you like the book Willie

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 OK folks here we go ;D  First off I received a book that I had wanted for a very long time. Hungarian Army Uniforms 1939-1945 by Dr Tamas Baczoni. It is a paper back book in English and German. Lots of very nice color pictures in it. It is just enough information for painters like me to use. Also the price is right. This fills a hole in the World War II area. There is another book on this subject witch starts from 1926-1945 and is in Hungarian. Osprey has one witch is nice. While we are on the subject of Osprey I just got the following. Third is from Concord.
                                                         1. Hitler's Blitzkreig enemies 1940 Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium for a starter book is great.
                                                         2. 42cm Big Bertha and German Siege Artillery of World War 1
                                                         3. The Age of the Crusades. It is a nice book in that the art work is great who else but Angust McBride  ;D   I myself like the Mongols Russians and many more. While we are on the subject of color remember that most of the dies where natural and will range on very dark or light Willie

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Ok. Ever once and while the book fairy drops a great book off to me. This time it is Campaign 1914 By Chris Pollendine This book covers the British Tommy at the start of the war up to 1915. Lots and lot of pictures of uniforms and equipment in color. Who every collections it is it's outstanding. The second will deal with British and American made service jackets and trousers. Royal Navy square Rig, Royal Flying Corps, Gas Masks and Anti Gas equipment. Metal  helmets and gifts and rations. Yes even Bully Beef. The book is printed by Military Mode UK. This book is well worth the price. I brought mine at UK. If any of you get this book let me know let me know Willie