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Re: My Book List
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Some of the books did not come out  :o  so her they are
 27. Hannibal and the Enemies of Rome by Peter Connolly by Macdonald Publishing
 28. The Rome Army by Peter Connolly by McDonald publishing
 29 . The Greek Armies by Peter Connolly by z
Macdonald publishing

The Dark Ages 600-1066
1. Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath by Wargames Research.
2.  Byzantine Armies 325-1453 by Dimitri's Belezos by Squadron Publishing
3.  The Mongol Warlords by David Nicolle Brockhampton Publishing 
4.  The Mongols by Tim Newark Concord Publishing
5.  Sassanian Armies the Iranian Eire 3rd to mid 7th centuries AD by David Nicolle by Montvert Publishing 
6.  The Army of Tang China by Karl Heinz Ranitzsch  by Montvert Publishing
7.  Justinian's War Belisarius Narses and The Rerconquestof the West by Roy Boss by Montvert
8.  The History of Japanese Armor from the Yayoiperiod to the Muromachi period Vol #1 by Ritta Nakanishi printed Japan
9.  The History of Japanese Armor by Ritta Nakanishi printed in Japan
10. The Samurai recreated in color Pictures by Mitsuo Kure by Crowood publishing. 

My Book List
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I am always telling you about different books I get