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Medal of Honor - impressive! Is there a citation you can share?

And if you have more museums...
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Military Museums
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I thought this might be of interest to are readers on the form and since I worked at some of these places it might be of interest  ???   First one is the National Museum of the Marine Corps. I was able to visit it when it first open about 10 years ago with my friend Ben King US Army Historian. Since then it has expanded and still keeps expanding. Lots of uniforms, weapons and equipment and aircraft. It ranges from  Defending the New Republic to Afghanistan & Iraq. Just of  I 95 36 miles south from Washington DC and 76 miles north of Richmond VA, admission is free. Also there are three other Marine Corps Museums. While there with my daughter who did the driving I was able to fine my Great Uncle and show my daughter how he won his Medal of Honor for the Boxier Rebellion  :o Willie   More Museums to come 

            1. National Museum of the Marine Corps  Quantico VA,
            2. Marine Corps Command Museum in South Carolina at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. Be careful though stay in the museum or you might wind up in boot camp ???
            3. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego right next to the Navy Recruit Depot
            4. Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.