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Nearly all my painting tools and materials come from Gerstaecker

Hello Sandor,

there is a good source for black and white foam board: ; they are called  "Kapa graph"
500 x 700 x 5 mm 4,05€/piece or 1000 x 700 x 5 mm 8,12€/piece. They accept Paypal; they also sell colors.
I´ll use this material for the background of our Mignot Painting Project 2015.

Best regards



Thank you Friends, for the good ideas.
Best regards-

Hi Snagy,

to glue figures (removable) at a surface I made good experiences with glue for photographs

The figures adhese as long as you want and can be removed easily.

I use this glue, when I want to fix figures temporarily e.g. in a glass cabinet for exhibition.


Great ideas on here .At least we havnt the problem of 1/32 scale Lancasters  and where to put them

I plan to store mine in flat type greetings card boxes or custom made card boxes .I plan a layer of foam board or card in which the flats are inserted via a slot .The difference is I will glue thin strips if wood or thick card to act as  a spacer and raise the next layer to clear the figures .So far only dreamed up  to try .I dont have that many flats as I try to buy enough to paint at some point in teh near future .


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