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These are some of the Schweizer 40mm figures. Originally about 300 sets were produced apparently of which 30 were in presentation boxes given to the top Nazis including Hitler. There is a set in the Plassenburg at Kulmbach. It seems the moulds still exist as Herr Schweizer has cast a couple of sets that are, or were, available to buy from Scholz. The picture is of these new castings. There is the single large flat of Maximillian I under the canopy that is 190mm x 110mm, pretty impressive. The single Knight of the Reich (Schwarzer Reiter) on the right is a separate figure and then there is the 'Die Nacht' set from the Germanic Era, also pretty impressive. It makes you realise what the whole enormous set contained in the ten boxes would look like. Mind you, I wish they would recast the Viking longboat with all it's attendants.
I think the main difference between the 40mm Schweizer set and the 30mm set is that the Schweizer set was conceived as a whole by Annie Schweizer and mostly engraved by her bringing a consistency that is lacking in the 30mm set. I think that set was produced as cheaply as possible, probably by 'persuading' the various editors to contribute something, so quality and style varies. Be interested to know who made the special pieces but I don't think Simon or his contacts in Germany managed to track that down.
Just checked on the Scholtz website and the Kaiser Maximillian is still available price 25.5 Euros and the Schwarzer Reiter is 6.95 Euros. The 'Die Nacht' set doesn't appear to be listed any more.

This is an interesting set. The originals were produced at 40mm by the Schweizer factory to commemorate the '1000 years of German Culture' parade that took place in Munich in 1937, 38 and 39. There were also some small 30mm sets produced for the WHW (Winterhilfewerke), a 'charity' supposed to help the needy in winter. Then I found a much larger 30mm set at Kulmbach. These are shown below. Also shown is a colour illustration of part of the set from an auction catalogue. I am missing one figure - the kettledrummer at the rear of the coloured set. If anyone has one, would be interested in buying it. Jerry

BFFS Journals 79, 80 & 81 had a fascinating series called 'A Weekend in Munich' which discussed a set of figures issued to honor Hitler's birthday in 1937.  This is a page Simon put together on the old site detailing these figures:

Munich Flats


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