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Carrousel of Louis the XIVth

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Wouawwww, It is with a great pleasure that we discover the new figures of the Caroussel, initiated by Eric Talmant and Daniel Canet during the Covid crisis....

Thanks a lot for these exclusive paintings; of course large saize will allow us to appreciate the fine details of these characters.  It is a fantastic serie, quiat large, and your paint4ings re-activate the set.

Perhaps we would group all paintings on this serie into one folder d&├ędicated to Loui XIV's Grand Caroussel of 1662 in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris.

 Hello Here are the first two figures of the 3rd series of Louis XIV's carrousel: the Indians.  These are figures from the control draw. They should be improved, especially the page (with the spear) as the shield is missing on the left side.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.



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