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Lead ban


Please accept mu apologies, Willie.
I just meant, the EC commission should focus on large, big issues, not these details, and be a bit more independent from the industrial lobbies.  It is what we, as citizens expect from them, not to be their slaves, or close the eyes when profits would dry out as result of health actions.  Thus is hypocrysy.

Indeed it is a concern, potential lead toxicity, but have we eradicated the use of arsenic in our world?  It is to be controlled, warned, cautioned ... and limited to identified activities....


 OK GUYS :o   NO one holds the rights to being Ignorant  and Stupid that's World Wide ???  I have said this statement before. So slow down get a beer and relax or if you like Brandy 8)  what happens happens :o  Willie

1. Pesticides should be banned, many are toxic to humans as proven, but EC is unable to implement their decisions when healthy due to intense industrial lobbying which do not care about health, only profit.

2. Perhaps we should ban gold too, to stop destroying the planet and countries where people destroy environment and soils for decades from any végétation, animals, because of their cupidity!  We have enough gold in our hands to survive for thousands years ...

If one day lead would be banned for our flats, we can turn on plastic, as song as crude oil is extracted from the planet, probably many more years still!   3D printing will replace casting as industrial food replaces chef great cuisine...

3. Why don't we ban tobacco?  Is it not proven to be negative to health? and killis many more people than lead.

Ladies and gentlemen,

  in the EU they have the noble goal of making the world a better place by keeping dangerous substances away from the people, who are all ignorant to stupid.  This applies to environmental protection, the climate, occupational safety and personal protection in general.  In general, nobody can ignore this.  In detail, of course, this produces strange results, but such a large authority finds it difficult to deal with exceptions.

  The central authority for recording such substances and the corresponding regulations is the ECHA.  But before you all demonize the EU, please consider that such regulations also exist in other economic zones, which then differ in detail.  I can certainly report back from my work in the electrical industry and insist that I have left this punishment work behind me.

  It is always the process of viewing substances as critical, then putting them on the candidate list and then dealing with bans and exceptions.  However, an exception means that it is best for the manufacturer to carry this out for a specific application, otherwise each individual user would have to do it.  Nevertheless, this is not trivial either.  And even granted exceptions do not last forever, but always run the risk of being checked again at some point.  That's what's happening right now.  I don't need to dwell on the threat to our wonderful hobby.

  You may have already been written to by your supplier.  Mr Tropp passed the documents on to me and later I received them from others as well.  Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to reach the contact person at Cmet, because you are probably quite stressed due to Corona.  So that I don't know who you wrote to.  So I made the selection of all publicly accessible addresses.

  There is now a survey by the ILA (International Lead Association) which would like to ask for an answer by April 19th and the first to give information to the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) by May 2nd.

  Unfortunately, I can't say yet who to send the answer to at the ILA.  ECHA has access somewhere on the homepage.  I will certainly send both to you in the next few days.

  In the interests of our common cause, I would now like to ask you the following:

  Please check if you still know the addressee and please forward my draft.

  Please work through the questionnaire I have edited and change it in such a way that it is not immediately noticeable as an edited version.  If you notice any mistakes, please report them to the circle,

  My version is KLIO recom_com_call_for_info_questionnaire_en Version 1.docx.

  Please send your version to the addresses that I will then send to you.  The fact that these are not yet available does not bother us, since some preparatory work has to be done.

  If you know any politician who you believe can have an impact, please motivate them.  It remains difficult, but every little bit can help.  Unfortunately, for understandable reasons, dying actually has something else on the radar at the moment.

  The same applies to authorities such as the Office for Occupational Safety of a federal state


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