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Sculpting flats and semi-flats

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But let us know if you find a way  ;)

Most "sculpted" flats I have seen are one-sided. Unless you want to get into the engraving of slate, as Brian mentions below, I think you will have to be satisfied with one-sided figures.

Both sides?  don't know how your going to do that without making a figure then making a mould, but then your going round figure
two sided flats are engraved into slate moulds and this is all the book will tell you.


Hello everyone, Newbie here. I'm interested in sculpting my own flat and semi-flat figures, and I'm looking for info/resources/books on techniques and materials; especially how to sculpt both sides of a flat.
So far my searches have only led me to relief sculpting, but no info on sculpting the reverse side of a figure without squishing the side already sculpted.
Several websites have recommended the book Art of the Flat Tin Figure by Michael Taylor, which, as a collectible, is currently beyond my price range, so I'm looking for more affordable resources to point me in the right direction.


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