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Rick Sanders:
The current vendor for these figures, originally edited by Han Mueller (Erfurt) is the couple Kristen and Hardy Howey who obtained the moulds from Irene Menz-Wille, the daughter of Fritz Menz.  They are now sold unter the name "Zinnfiguren 'Fritz Menz' Burg"  and their catalogue is at  Of Mueller's figures, they have primarily those from the 11th to 13th centuries and Saracens and Ottoman Turks.  The figures for the Battles of Crecy and Tannenberg/Grunwald and German Gothic period are available sporadically from Hans Schwahn; the moulds for the 14th-15th century tournament figures are with "Magdeburger Zinnfiguren", but the vendor, Heinz-Dieter Tetzel is not very responsive to orders other than from former East Germans.

With regard to the book, "Zinnfiguren der Rittterzeit von Hans Müller, Erfurt", it is now in print and mailings to Germans who have ordered it will start this week, followed by orders from within the rest of Europe, and then to the U.S. and Canada.  If you are interested in the book - 180 pages, hundreds of color photos of all 460+ of Mueller medieval figures plus Ottoman Turks - you can order it from me, the primary author.  Info about ordering it is on my website at  An English translation (minus photos) in pdf is free for folks who can't read German.

... and keep this very attracting booklet pubkuished in three months......

Planned Publication on the Medieval Flats of Hans Müller of Erfurt (

John Alberts:
Appreciated, hope contact is still current.  Either way, thank you for highlighting this set--wonderful to see.

There is some info here which may still be relevant:

Mark  8)

John Alberts:
Great set!  I only see a physical address on the Menz's website.  Is there another way to contact the vendor?


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