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Dangschat - Summer Daydream in an English Garden


You and I have similar tastes - this is a really nice find! 

Dangschat seems to have a little of the Hogarth tradition in him, I would add in Rackham and Tenniel as well as William Henry Pyne which you put me on to - basically illustrators that had some whimsy and a little bit of cheek.  He seems to be able to translate that into the flat form and in his case he also adds a little bit of the risqué as well.  (He seems to not be able to help himself almost.  One wonders where the nude is in his set of the Greek wars...)   In a weird way the modern equivalent might be Benny Hill?

I suspect Dick Jenkins viewed much of his work at Western Miniatures the same way - figures meant to be displayed in vignettes or groups rather than individually.

Regardless, a pretty nice body of work which hopefully is preserved in one form or another.  In this case, I can see the whole nicely framed and presented - so best get to it!  (I personally received some 80 Aztecs and Mayans yesterday so have my work cut out as well...)

mark  8)

I must admit I didn't buy this set. The Dangschats stayed with Mike Taylor at Cannock a couple of times and they gave Mike a lot of the set. Not to Mike's taste so he passed them on to me and I bought the remainder. Not keen on the faun myself but that is Dangschat's way. Otherwise, quite like the set.

This is quite delightful - it reminds me a bit of the old Heyde sets.  I love the archery scene at the top and am a bit confused by the faun chasing the naked woman but, it is a daydream I suppose. 

Should look fantastic painted.

mark  :o

Another one of Dangschat's sets, this time set in late Georgian England. Quite a large set. Renate Dangschat wrote an article about the set for the BFFS, in Journal 70. Probably not to everyone's taste.


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