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Dangschat Greek War of Independence


This is an interesting and somewhat forgotten part of history.  Here is a new figure announced on PlanetFigure of a Greek General being somewhat close to row 4, 4th from the left on Jerry's picture:

This appears to be a quite colorful flat set with a little bit of everything!  (I love the additions of buildings or large ships with the figures which is always an interesting touch and provides some nice balance - though casting some of them must be a major challenge!)

mark  8)

The Greeks (Hellas 1821) are now with Mr. Wilken:
A set "King Otto I. in Athen" is availibel too. There are citizens, clerics and so on.


This is Dangschat's set of figures for the Greek War of Independence in 1821. Some personality figures including Kolokontronis, Miaoulis, Laskarina Bouboulina and Lord Byron. There were a couple of very good articles on this set by Panos Charalampakis in Journals 87 and 88.


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