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I have these two sets for sale - Judith and Holofernes and Samson and Delilah. PM me if they are of interest.

There is a Caesar and Cleopatra set from the Neckel catalog which was beautifully painted in Mike Taylor’s book on painting flats which I suspect you are referring to.

Louis also has a lovely example by Jan Sennebo Look under Rome

Mark  8)

P.S.  Good choices and that was a wonderful article was it not?
P.P.S.  Bistulfi’s amazing site has a Bible tab in the galleries section with most of these and more as well.

Hello Phyl,

you can find some of these sets in:
1) David and Bathseba, Hafer Catalog pg.29
2) Salomoe's Dance, Hafer Catalog pg.30
3) Caesar & Cleopatra, not so biblical  ;D, but i need more infos to help, what you are looking for?
4)Samson & Delilah, Hafer Catalog pg.29

for hafer catalog copy, please sned me a PM. For contacting Mr Rüdiger Hafer (Wolfgang Hafer's son) send an email to or to

all the best,


Phil Y:
Following on from the article "The Discovery of Moses" featured in the Winter journal.  I would be interested in purchasing the following Biblical themed sets:-
1) David and Bathseba
2) Salomoe's Dance
3)Caesar & Cleopatra
4)Samson & Delilah.

Anyone any suggestions who might stock these items or Club member who has a set.

Many thanks
Phil Young


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