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Looking for Sivhed catalogs or info, Landsknechts


Thanks. i just sent Johan an email and he said he will let me know what other figures he has from Sivhed for the era i am looking for. he said he will put them in his catalog eventually as well.

Hello Werner,
I talked to Johan about this some time ago.He told me that only he and Mr Alexander Wilken bought the Sivhed moulds.Johan´s cataloge only shows the Entry of Gustav Vasa to Stockholm. But I can remember that Mr. Sivhed had some more Landsknechts.The best is to get in contact with Johan. I´m pretty sure the cataloge does not covers all moulds he have.

Hi all, looking for info, lists or catalogs from Sivhed, especially his Landsknechts. i already have the catalog from Johan Lilliehöök, but looking for the figures from Sivhed that are not in Johans catalog. thx.


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