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Looking where to get display cases for flat miniatures.


Berliner Zinnfiguren has some in the offer


Thanks for the suggestion. Still hope to find something that came ready made.
Thanks again!

Nicholas Ball:
Hi Eduardo,

I use a homemade version of a 3D deep picture box. These are available from Amazon or a good craft shop.

You will also need foam board  ( thin sheet of foam covered both sides with paper ) and some self adhesive felt / velvet.

Cut the foam board to the same size as the inside of the box. Cover it in the felt/ velvet and cut slots in it for the figures. Attach it all to the back of the box and there you have it🙂

Hope this helps



New to flat miniatures collecting, for now mainly WWI warbirds. Looking for a supplier of the nice frames you see in the images of this forum, that appear to have a slotted background and a glass front.
Looking to place some of my flat WWI warbirds in frames and display then as a picture frame.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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