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Menz/ Mueller Crusaders

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Thanks everyone! It is most interesting puzzle, I have obtained so called Crusaders and some of them appeared normans of Wilhelm the Conquerer, although we all understand that sometimes there is no difference between those two!
Anyway, I saw List of Mullers figures about 10-15 years ago, it was incomplete, but yet it was! I can not remember where it has gone.
I believe that there was (or at least should be) some kind of plan of Muller’s collection, original idea or kind of!

A Templar night that I painted earlier this year:
  Engr: Ludwig Frank
  Ed: Menz

"Is there any list of Mueller figures at all?"

I have not seen such a list, though perhaps one does exist.

After Mueller's death in 1967 his moulds were dispersed among collectors in the DDR--Tetzel, Bittner, Ortmann, and Menz. In 1977 the "Kulturbund" of the DDR produced "Katalog Der Formen Kulturgeschichtlicher Zinnfiguren in Der DDR" and an "Addendum (1979)." From these two volumes if is possible to compile a nearly comprehensive list of Mueller's figures.

Unlike the "Battle of Crecy" and the "Battle of Grunwald," where nearly all the figures were designed by Ludwig Frank, I believe the Saracens and many of the Crusaders were designed by Ludwig Madlener. These figures were used by Otto Gottstein to construct his large diorama of the the "Battle of Acre." The figure designs were based upon/derived from the illustrations of Gustav Dore.


Dear Andrew,
In 2015 & 2017 I bought Fritz Menz Crusaders and Saracens from Kirsten Howey's stand at Kulmbach.  The figures are beautifully engraved by Ludwig Frank.  At the time Kirsten didn't have a website but she told me to look at under the link "Hersteller" and then "Offizin Menz".  In the 2017 Kulmbach Almanac there is an address for Kirsten Howey: Dorfstrasse 19, 39288 Burg, Germany.  I hope this is helpful.

I am attaching images of the figures that were available in 2017.

Best wishes,
Peter oo~

That is right, these figures, however, the catalogue on link seems to be with mistakes, for example bishop belongs to Crecy set.


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