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That is one I am currently wrestling with actually.  Just finished the Jabowocky though.

I have a weakness for the Tea Party and the figures of the Mad Hatter. 

I also have a few of the Wind in the Willows figures as well they are also a fun challenge.

Quite a few of Dick's figures in my collection, all universally beautiful castings with sharp detail.  Just as much by accident as design but, a happy circumstance.


I agree with you Mark. My favorite piece is Alice coming through the Looking Glass. Have you painted this yet?

I am currently slowly working through The Wind in The Willows  which is of similar quality.


Along with Mohr's Cassanova's Night in Venice the Alice in Wonderland series is by far my favorite set - and one I am over half way through in painting it.

Unfortunately Brian I already own it but, well worth anyone's time.  Beautiful engraving, beautiful production and a delight to paint.

Mark  8)

Have a set of Alice and Friends with one piece missing, Alice in the boat, ether sell at a reduced price  £32  or will split, anyone interested?


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