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Actually when on my own I went first to the cathedral of Saint Mary at Domberg and the tombs of warriors from the Swedish period. But the choir was restricted area, couldn't get a decent photo of Pontus de la Gardie's (d. 1685) and his wife's* tombstone.
Before that I went with my company to the ahistorical museum of medieval torture, as the iron lady of N├╝rnberg never existed.

A portrait of the Frenchborn General who drowned in the River of Narva:
*= Daughter of King John III, granddaughter of Gustaf Wasa.

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So do they have any museums and any armor from that period :o  Willie

Greetings from Estonia
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As we have hardly any profane buildings left from the medival and renaissance period in Finland it's interesting to visit the Estonian capital.
 I also have some roots over here although the ancestral homes are Masuria and Westphalia.
Yes it was here that the Danish flag was supposed to fell down from the heaven in 1219. Photo from the Church of the Holy Ghost, I don't think this is the very flag that came dawn at Lyndanis...

BTW in the choir was a worn British Naval Flag, a reminder of the British Campaign in the Baltic Sea 1918-19.