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Nice to see some more figures, painted by You!!

BG Christian

Hello Wolfgang,
I prefer a harder light / shadow because when you looking on the figures in real live (not in a photo) you will be in some distance and the contrast shows not as hard as it is in a photo. For me a 30mm flatfigure is always part of a group of figures and not a single thing like a framed picture. And in my opinon a harder contrast looks better in such a relation.


I find the horse painting to be very abstract.  A softer solution would be more appropriate  ::)

Thank you.

So his group is now finished and I´m going to paint some frenchmen in the next weeks.
I´m wondering a bit about these figures. Well drawn by Martin Block and engraved in a high quality by Daniel Lepeltier and others but not often seen. All can be found in the Dangelmaier /Golberg catalog. (Not Lord Ros, this figure is from Scholtz)


Nice work, Cristoph!
I also like it!


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