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gerry Larkin:
So Associates as well? :-\   why not Join?  ;)  makes perfect sense!

All of the Galleries are open to everyone - Members - Associates - Guests for viewing.  Encourage away!

The only 'real' downside to not at least registering as an Associate is pictures in the individual Forum's are not shown, i.e. pictures that are attached to Posts they cannot see.

Mark  8)

P.S. Again as a reminder the purpose of the Associate and registering is to prevent spam & helpful anonymous posts offering cheap prices on medication etc.  Asking folks to register has cut down the need to police such silliness down to almost zero.  We do not do anything else with the email addresses that are collected.  Guests to the site - non Associates or Members - cannot posts or view pictures in posts, or vote in polls.  They can do/see about everything else in the non-members area including all of the galleries.

Maybe a bit outside the box:

Is the "official" gallery open for visitors?

Or only for subscribers?

That means - could I recommend  that really outstanding stuff in the gallery to collectors that are not members of this forum?

Thanks for answer

Everyone is welcome to create a Personal Gallery in the Gallery section of the site.

If you stumped on how to make it happen just drop me a note and I can set it up for you.

Mark  8)


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