Author Topic: Single Mohr Figures from Neckel (French Napoleonics) - where are the moulds now?  (Read 2263 times)

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Stroke of luck - browsing EBay turned up a good example of  Nf77 - Frankreich Dragone!   Just the Carabinier to go.......


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My sincere thanks for your interest / help on this.  I did start by asking Herr Unger about these figures (including the Arquebusier mentioned by Tannenberg) but he told me he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the moulds.   He also suggested trying Scholz, since they seem(ed) to have the Neckel moulds ..........
But even with the engagement of Herr (Hans-G) Scholz himself it was not possible to take this any further at the time.   Now that I see the Nf77 Dragoner Trompeter is indeed within one of the Scholz sets -  thanks for your eagle eye Beloc - I'll try Herr Scholz again.  [Edit:  Scholz confirm they do not hold the Carabinier figure (Neckel Nf24), whether as part of a set or not.]
They are really nice figures, so I'll keep going and see if I can get them both.   

[PS:   Schmalkalder do indeed have the Arquebusier figure NRG13 and I have it on order along with some others.]


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Horses engraved by Mohr are splendid, and very recognizable...



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Hi, the Mohr types we are looking for are all from Mr. Unger (Wolfgang Unger Feuerbachstrasse 21/04105 Leipzig). The arquebusier on horseback (NRG13) is available for Schmalkalder tin figures.
Frank Dittmar
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beloc zoc

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Please compare the content list and the picture:

The Nf77 - Dragoner Trompeter is listed. But this is a set of flats.

Best regards


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Years ago the Neckel Napoleonics went to Berliner Zinnfiguren

If you will find your two figures ?  No idea.

As an addition:  Berliner Zinnfiguren sell single castings too, for a rather high price
(but rather high is in comparision, what German collectors knew)

Good luck !
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I'm amusing myself by looking for some individual figures engraved by Mohr - in this case a couple of French Napoleonics (Kurassier Trompeter / Chevauxleger Trompeter) that Krannich shows in his 2017 "Gesamptwerk" (p25) ........
Both the figures appear in an old Neckel catalogue (Nf77 - Frankreich Dragoner / Nf24 - Carabinier) but Herr Irmgard (the current Neckel contact) tells me the moulds were sold some time ago and he has no knowledge of where / who to.
Anybody here able to help?
[I also note, in case this is relevant, that a 3rd individual figure shown by Krannich (on the same page as the other 2, and which also is listed as part of the same old Neckel catalogue as Arquebusier Rg13) is described by Krannich as engraved for Neckel by Mohr - "einen Dragoner aus dem 30Jh. Krieg";  but this figure is now with Schmalkalder Zinnfiguren as an Arquebusier................]
Regards to all.
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