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Re: Neckel - Army of the Blue King - King's Coach
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Thank you for sure, I have also picked up Army of Blue King flats recently.  Agree about the excellent documentation available.


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Neckel - Army of the Blue King - King's Coach
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As in many cases this set is at the edge of my skill set but, the fine example by Gianpolo Bistulfi gave me second thoughts.  Neckel is perhaps my favorite vendor, with this series - The Army of the Blue King - being a solid front runner.  Mostly engraved by Frank with some solid documentation by Anton Hoffman it is a colorful period of seriously impractical but, colorful uniforms.

Maxmillian II Emanuel (1680-1726), Elector of Bavaria is considered to be the creator of the standing Bavarian army.  Maximillian, 'The Blue King' assumed the regency in 1682 but, was forced into exile during the Ware of the Spanish Succession after the second battle of Blenheim and Hochstadt in 1704 with the Bavarian army continuing to field a large professional standing army going forwards.

The Neckel figures are a combination of figures from Anton's Hoffmans work as well as other sources such as these figures.

Neckel Catalog Page
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The figures

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and Bistulfi's fine example:

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