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Yes there is no need to use acetone or any other stuff like this.

95% of all paint will disappear easily after putting the flats overnight in water with a handful of laundry detergent. When starting it may ease the process to fill in hot (but not cooking hot) water and a handful of laundry detergent mix it and then put in the flats.

Hello everyone, yes we are still alive.  We use dishwasher taps for cleaning.  Leave to work overnight in a glass of water and then work with a toothbrush.  At least it's not a heavy head. ;)

Yes next year will be a big year, no more being told how to look affter ourselfs! we have idiots in london to do that hahaha

All okay here Willie, dont hear a peep from the society guys! not even a reply when I send EMails but no worries still doing lots cutting stone, painting and back with my old bike club so all good ;) [size=78%] [ Guests cannot view attachments ] [/size]
[/size][size=78%]      [/size]

If Chromofag is banned in the EU, useless here, However after Dec 31st, UK will have the freedom to use :-[ >:(

Ed Humphreys:
Dettol is a concentrated antiseptic fluid, used in dilution for various first aid, medical and personal hygiene purposes According to the label, it is Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v. I'm sure its equivalent is in most homes on your side of the Atlantic.


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