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Re: Artillery
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2016, 11:30:37 AM »

did have a look at the

For Mohacs there are no cannons in the set.

May be you want to have a spanish or burgundian cannon
Bs35a Spanier Artillerie Geschütz 

1163a Burgunder Artillerie Geschütz 

For Information have a look here

The spanish cannon is on a picture.

For the 1700 Austians the cannon has the number Eö 64 (a six pounder).

For the austrian artillery the following figures are available

Eö 59a Österreich Artillerie Stück-Hauptmann  S.M.
Eö 59b Österreich Artillerie Mann m. Wischstock  S.M.
Eö 59c Österreich Artillerie Handlanger mit Tasche  S.M.
Eö 60a Österreich Artillerie Konstabler mit Lunte abfeuernd  S.M.
Eö 60b Österreich Artillerie Handlanger mit Richtstock stehend  S.M.
Eö 60c Österreich Artillerie Handlanger Kugel vortragend  S.M.
Eö 61a Österreich Artillerie Büchsenmeister richtend  S.M.
Eö 61b Österreich Artillerie Handlanger mit Hebebaum richtend  S.M.
Eö 61c Österreich Artillerie Handlanger mit Kugel stehend  S.M.
Eö 62a Österreich Artillerie Handlanger mit Pulverschaufel ladend  S.M.
Eö 62b Österreich Artillerie Handlanger Zündloch zuhaltend  S.M.
Eö 62c Österreich Artillerie Handlanger Lunte senkrecht  S.M.
Eö 63a Österreich Artillerie Fuhrknecht halt  S.M.
Eö 63b Österreich Artillerie Vorspann mit Protze  S.M.
Eö 64 Österreich Artillerie Feldgeschütz 6pfünder 

But please remember the cannons and equipment are all flat by Kieler now.
The full scale models are out of production.



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Re: Artillery
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2016, 01:41:04 PM »
You might try the Neckel catalog for some cannon as he has a number of them as well as a mortar or two.  His cannon are flats as opposed to the three dimensional variety which a large number of vendors favor.  I think I recall Alexander Glockner has some of the three dimensional form for this time period.

Good hunting.

mark  8)
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« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2016, 11:19:47 AM »
I just got the Battle of Mohacs set from Ms. Ochel as well as some beautiful circa 1700 austrians, but unfortunately none of the cannons were included. If anyone has an 18th century and a few 16th century cannons sitting around gathering dust, I would love to get my pudgy paws on them. Thank you in advance!
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