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The American West
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 For  Christmas  I received a book about the US Army Camel Corps in the 1850. Now growing up in Southern California I knew where these forts where and out in the desert the trails they had used. I was thinking that this would make a very nice figure or set of figures to do. Also one thing I would like to bring up is some of the figures of the west. that I have looked at.  Some of the Indians are great and I would like to have some. Others look like they would fit into Buffalo Bills Code Wild West show. The Cavalry if they are on campaign  in the 70's get ride of the saber only used at the fort for show. Stagecoaches could do with a up grade.  Here are some books that could help Willie

             1. The Mystic Warriors of the Planes by Thomas E Mails
             2.  Dog Soldiers Bear Men and Buffalo women.
             3.  The Horse Soldier by Randy Steffen
             4.  The US Army in the West by Douglas C McChristian


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