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Nice to have a new producer.Good luck


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Figure transfer and presentation Decembre 2019:

Santa Claus busts / hanging figures 70-80 mm:

KEZ-11001 Nicholas (bust)

KEZ-11002 Nicholas II (hanging figure)

KEZ-11003 Santa Claus in the chimney (hanging figure)

Pictures see below!
- The figures are only engraved on one side
- They have a depth of up to 3 mm, but even flat figures!!

Drawing: Andreas Trost
Engraving: Andreas Trost

Kettwiger tin figures Christian Voss
An the Nittlau 43
45219 Essen-Kettwig
Christian, Kettwig (Germany)
Privatoffizin Kettwiger Zinnfiguren / Kettwiger tin figures


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Kettwiger Zinnfiguren (Privat Offizin) / tin figures (private manufacturing)
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Presentation of the private offizin "Kettwiger Zinnfiguren" / "Kettwiger tin figures"

Dear friends of collectors,

Recently I am also a member of the online forum of the BFFS, a little commented I have already, too;-)

I am 51 years old, from Essen-Kettwig in Germany and have been working in the tin figures field for over 35 years, here mainly in the 30 mm flat area in the subject area "30 Years War".

In autumn 2018 I decided to set up my own private officin.
The motivation for this was the idea to be even more active in the hobby and thus to resist the trend that, unfortunately, there are fewer known publishers and tin figure friends (for known reasons).

The focus of the officin is initially on children, Easter and Christmas figures, here I would like to reach the appropriate target groups and thus make our hobby more popular again.
If we can inspire the children and young people again for tin figures, they will certainly find their way back to the classic collector's areas

Other 30 mm figures will certainly be added.

Initially, I started with the takeover of other offices:
- Raistinger tin figures (Süßmeier):
o Christmas figures
o Eastern-figuren
o Horoscopes (German and Asian)
o Various special figures

- Gotha tin figures / tin figures from Schmalkalden (Dittmer)
o horses and dogs (30 mm)

- tin figures from Schmalkalden (Dittmer) / former forms by Richard Taubert (Zirndorf)
o Christmas figures (Christmas tree decorations "Nuremberg School")
o Various hanging figures
o Please note: These forms have not been cast in decades

Future shapes and new figures are being planned, but it will certainly take until 2020 for novelties to come out, as there are enough ideas in your head.

An own online shop incl. Internet address is still in preparation, you can get the preliminary catalog from me via an email, please contact me at:

or at the following address:

Christian Voss
An the Nittlau 43
45219 Essen-Kettwig

Take care: Until my online-shop starts, i sell my figures via ebay, too.
You can find me in Schmalkalden next year, and again in Kulmbach, 2021.

Please, forgive me my crazy school english and contact me for any questions,

With best collector's greetings
Christian Voss
Christian, Kettwig (Germany)
Privatoffizin Kettwiger Zinnfiguren / Kettwiger tin figures


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