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The bal around 1770 editor Neckel and engraved by Ludwig Franck


Thanks very much Michel  ;) I think he wasn't in Kulmbach this year, and I thaught he had stopped this activity.
It's a very good news. I'd send him an email tomorrow. If he is preparing a new catalogue he may be releasing new figures  ;) .

You can buy it from Neckel directly, called Ball-Rokoko, figures Z1 to Z24,  1756/63.  Selling price is 29.90 euros + shipping.
I bought some flats three weeks ago from Neckel, he is active, kind, I cans end you his email; he is preparing a new catalogue early 2018. = email to contact  Rolf Neckel.

Hello friends  :)
I'd like to buy this set that √Čric had painted and posted a few days ago.
Do you know if it sold by an other editor ?
Or if you have this set and you'd like to sell it ; i'd buy it with great pleasure  ;)
Thanks very much


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