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Re: Arthur and the sword in the stone
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Sorry I do not know why the image rotated...


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Arthur and the sword in the stone
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Hello everyone. I am hoping to try to participate more with the society. I will start by sharing my latest project. I bought this flat from Nick Ball at the MFCA show at Valley Forge Pennsylvania a year and a half ago. My understanding is that the IFFS is hoping to produce a series of flats pertaining to the Legends of Camelot(?). I have seen a line drawing of a Merlin I like very much. Where are we at on this series?
This is my version of the Sword in the Stone. I am working on the under painting. I always paint a grey scale underpainting, especially on the larger than 30mm figures. I have a little more refining to do on this before I start coloring it. I am trying to finish it in 2 weeks to send to the Long Island club show Nov. 18 in New York.
I hope everyone is well and happy!


-Penny Meyer
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