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General Discussion / Re: Membership
« Last post by willie on Today at 06:24:07 PM »
Ed can I use paypal to send you my 29.pounds for the paper Journal and do I send it to the address that in in the Journal  Willie
News / The BFFS Arthur Series
« Last post by Nicholas Ball on Today at 06:20:31 PM »
The 4th figure in the Arthur Series ( Guinivere ) has now been sent for engraving and hopefully will be available at the AGM.

News / Bust "The Hand" 65mm
« Last post by Tannenberg1410 on Today at 04:49:54 PM »
I engraved something again. I hope you like it a bit.
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Looking for original editor
« Last post by marko on Today at 10:49:29 AM »
You might also try here as I believe Holland Merten also sells these figures as a set and in 5 parts as well:

I have parts of this set and it is quite colorful.

mark  8)
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Looking for original editor
« Last post by Kulmbach on Today at 07:13:00 AM »
I do believe that Hans Müller is the original editor. But his moulds are sold and now spread to a lot of different new "editors".
Figure Identification/Search / Looking for original editor
« Last post by Christoph on Today at 06:27:04 AM »
maybe some of you know.
In searching for some other figures at home (without luck) I found some very nice Frank engraved, 15. century figures of drinking and dancing people.
They are part of a set sold by Scholtz:

Any idea who is the original editor (I don´t won´t to by the whole set...)

And if anyone knows, is there a pdf cataloge somewhere out there?

Thanks for helping.

Resources & Reviews / Re: Books
« Last post by Hannibal on January 14, 2018, 01:28:10 PM »
useful if an e-book version will exist...
Resources & Reviews / Re: Books
« Last post by BobLeighton on January 14, 2018, 06:12:52 AM »

New Book
Otto Gottstein & the golden age of the Zinnfiguren
Adrian Forman has mentioned that he expects to publish this book this year. He has said that the book is with his Publisher now.
No details of the cost or of the exact publication date.
Some more details are available on his website, just insert Adrian Forman in Google and his is the first one that pop's up
General Discussion / Re: Membership
« Last post by Ed Humphreys on January 14, 2018, 03:46:22 AM »
Many thanks, Charles.
Resources & Reviews / Re: Books
« Last post by willie on January 13, 2018, 07:46:29 PM »
Does anyone  of are French members know what is going on with Histoire & Collections  ??? Every time I go onto there web page I get that they are off the web and reworking it :o I tried Casemate  in the states and they told me that they had changed owner ship. :o Also that some of there books they where advertising would not be sold here in the states. I was able to pick up a old book Military Bands and there Uniforms. It was printed in 1978 by Blandford Press. Some good information about bands. Willie
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