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Title: Flat Figure History Project - Any Interest
Post by: marko on September 09, 2020, 05:59:08 PM
As someone interested in History in general I have also looked at Flat Figures through this lens as well basically something interesting to display or paint.  Also similar to most of us I am in the latter half of life - 60 years in my case - I have been making models and figures for 51 years, fairly actively for the most part.  One of the sad aspects of that is watching vendors, manufacturers, hobby stores come and go as tastes change and time takes its toll.

I once had a large filing cabinet full of catalogs and materials from vendor over the years - quite a treasure trove actually which was eventually disposed of given I could not find someone with requisite interest.

This past year we have lost a number of members of our community which we have tried to acknowledge i some fashion but, the part often missed with vendors in particular is their story - history/catalogs/impact on the community.

]I am interested if any of our community would be willing to participate in a group project pulling some of this material together such that there is a bit more of a lasting record of some of these individuals/companies that have impacted many of us if only from afar.

Time moves relentlessly forward - in our small sphere of it related to our hobby we have lived through a golden age where became generally available as the Eastern Bloc broke apart, purchasing online became the norm and our choices have become unlimited.  Now many long established vendors are disappearing with their wares being scattered and their story potentially being lost as well.

If you are interested in something like this please send me a Message please.   If you have ideas, materials or some experiences you would like to share I would like to know about those as well.  Being located in the US my resources are somewhat limited vis-a-vis much of the source material, individuals involved.  However, I love to help collect and share the material - hopefully some of you are as well?

mark 8)
Title: Re: Flat Figure History Project - Any Interest
Post by: plyoung on September 11, 2020, 05:14:15 AM
Dear Mark,
Your idea is commendable.  Over the past few months of lockdown I have been going through my collection of old copies of the Military Modelling magazine for articles related to flat-figures.  Whenever I found something I scanned it and filed it on my computer.  Most of the  articles referred to painting techniques by people like Jim Woodley and Mike Taylor for example.  Interestingly, some of the advertisements for model shops in the UK, like the Historex agents in Dover and Under Two Flags in London, included 'mouth-watering' sets of flats for sale. 

I am not sure whether the above is exactly what you're wanting but I have included scans of a 1975 shop-ad for Under Two Flags plus some catalogue pages of Goldberg figures Dick Jenkins sent me in the 1980s and 90s. I hope this is helpful.  If the articles about painting flats are relevant I will forward them, too.

Best wishes,
Peter oo~
Title: Re: Flat Figure History Project - Any Interest
Post by: marko on September 11, 2020, 04:10:18 PM

Yes, to everything you mention in regards to content.  There is much content on painting collected over the years in the Workbench and History section of this site particularly from Graham Dixey but, there are many gaps.  I would love to be able to provide a bit of a view of the time as well as allowing someone to look at specific vendors and perhaps some of the history associated with them as well.

John G. Garratt provided a bit of a window via his books in the 70s and we have had a similar spotty view from magazines - mostly now defunct.

We now have several folks expressing interest, Charles King, Cladio aka archigrog, Bob Leigton and yourself which I find quite heartening.  You all have indicated having some resources as do I.  I will set up some materials shortly for us to start moving forwards and I will provide a link to load materials for this use for this purpose to you all as well.  My hope is we can do something initially and see how this concept works and build upon that or perhaps provide some focused material for the Journal on individual vendors and their stories.

If there are others interested please chime in, a nice cross section of our members would be great - the experience, view, availablilty of material is presumably quite different between the UK - USA - Italy - Germany - France - Mexico - Singapore etc.

mark  8)

P.S. Gentlemen sent you all a link for files and a note - welcome aboard.
Title: Re: Flat Figure History Project - Any Interest
Post by: Hannibal on September 11, 2020, 07:36:59 PM
Another scope are articles dedicated to Flats painting and conception.
The French Magazine Figurines, from No 1 to No 121 (the last one two years ago) issued 20 articles in French from various painters and engravers over the period 1995 to 2018.
Articles are between 2 and 5 pages, average 3 pages.

Although in French, one could collect all these articles, they are part of our story, and give useful experiences and tips by great Masters.
I have the magazines in PDF format, but no Adobe software to extract the pages in 20 files, so I would have to extract them as Picture in JPG, but page by page .... unless someone has the Adobe PDF software (requiring annual fee).

Any interest?  Articles from Franzoia, Mussini, Duthilleux, Cesario, Mike Taylor, Durand, .... and with colour pictures.

Advantage of PDF is to capture text for translation, while in Picture format, no translation is possible numerically.
Title: Re: Flat Figure History Project - Any Interest
Post by: marko on September 11, 2020, 08:02:12 PM
Michel if you wish to add them to out archive I have software that will break them up. Mi will send the link so you can upload.