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Title: Medieval flats FS
Post by: Auerstadt on March 21, 2019, 11:12:55 AM

Hello, new to this forum. I have had these figures for ages, not really interested in the Medieval period. They seem to be 35-40mm in size. Prices are in USD, buyer pays shipping from Canada. I take PayPal.

3 x mounted knights on caparisoned horses...…$US10 ea
1 x mounted knight (maybe a King?) with retainer holding his horse...….$15
1 foot guard or ADC, cape and plumed hat holding an axe...………$5 (he appears to be more like 45 mm from toe to eye)
1 dying knight, winged helmet dislodged, fallen to the ground...…..$5

Message me here, or, preferably, email me at