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Curious about some clever ideas around a problem most of us have – storage of unpainted figures.
In my own case I have what I felt was a semi-efficient system:

Unpainted figures are slipped into artist art board – similar to cardboard but, with foam in the middle;

  • Sets are grouped and stored together;

 I then store them in metal mesh four drawer file drawers;

  • This has been interesting as they look great and stack well but, are a bit unsteady.  (They have tried to kill me twice with part of a stack falling on me and raining flats);
  • They no longer manufacture these so I have out-run my ability to neatly store these.  (One answer is to quit acquiring stock or alternatively paint more than I purchase but, sadly neither has worked out);

 Finally I have the issue of documentation and background material. 
I keep a very efficient file system using file manila file folders;
  • Digital background is kept in a large free form program called Growly Notes – Mac program, Windows alternative is Microsoft OneNote  – which allows me to store pictures, data and notes together;
  • I generally keep things by Editor – by set with a variety of background material.  (Part of my enjoyment of flats is the research relevant to a set.); 
This all sounds pretty efficient as I write it but, sheer mass has made it a bit unwieldly.  Also as I tend to paint what is interesting at the time I tend to start many sets, half finish them and then revisit them at a later date.  This means that figures tend to be orphaned from a storage perspective.
So curious as to working alternatives to such problems or am I the most organized member in this bunch?  (That would be seriously disturbing were it so…).
In a nutshell how do others store and track their figures and documentation?

mark  8)

Figure Identification/Search / Re: Crécy and Tannenberg series
« Last post by tinman on Today at 09:37:05 AM »
You're welcome....There are two more figures that Hans Muller made for the "Crecy Series" that were not included in Ortmann's list:

MR 91: Mounted French Bishop with lance, galloping. This figure was meant to represent the Arch-bishop of Nimes and/or the Arch-bishop of Sens. Both men are included in the chronicler Roberto de Avesbury's list of dead French knights whose bodies were found on the Crecy battlefield. Ortmann did not include the figure because he did not own the mold. The figure was mistaken for a "Crusades" figure and sold to Fritz Menz. The mold is currently with K. Howey.

MR 96: Mounted English bowman, halted. Ortmann owned this mold so it is baffling why he did not include the figure as part of the series.

It is reasonable to conclude that all the figures MR79-MR110 were made by Hans Muller for Otto Gottstein's Battle of Crecy diorama.

And mine! good figure to paint, you guys are missing out  ;)   
Shows / SEVRES 2018
« Last post by Hannibal on Today at 06:58:33 AM »
Sèvres 2018, a succès again, but some 950 pièces were displayed at the contest, a bit less than 2017, and the crowd was also less than last year, perhaps the effect of the 'gilets jaunes' in the streets and on the Champs Elysées ...

As far as flats:   92 flats exposed by 43 artists  (9% of the pièces) against 128 pièces and 51 artists in 2017 (-29%):
   Dioramas:   4 dios by 2 artists
   Creation:     2 flats by 2 artists
   Masters:    36 by 20 painters
   Cofirmed:  26 flats by 12 painters
   Novices:    24 flats by 7 painters

Awards:  9 Gold, 12 Silver and 14 Bronze - no award: 8 - no BoS

Jupiter Miniatures was present as vendor of flats ....

Some 130 pictures selected among 600 are under loading in the Show Gallery:;cat=230

message will be given when completed ....
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Crécy and Tannenberg series
« Last post by Richard on Today at 05:29:59 AM »
Thanks John !
You can't be wrong as we see  figures belonging to the Tannenberg battle series on the pictures of BZ site. Unfortunately Scholtz doesn't give the references of the figures.
Gallery / Re: More Landsknechts
« Last post by merlino on Today at 04:04:45 AM »
I have not acces to MP...... :'(
Gallery / Re: More Landsknechts
« Last post by Christoph on Today at 03:39:36 AM »
Hello Merlino,
Mr. Koss is Stefan Koss, or "Stefan" in this Forum, try to contact him via PM.
Gallery / Re: More Landsknechts
« Last post by merlino on Today at 02:22:57 AM »
Hi Christoph, who is Mr. Koss from Vienna? Have a kontact? (site or e-mail), please.
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Battle of Pavia 1525
« Last post by merlino on December 09, 2018, 10:32:03 AM »
Hi Stefan, what is your web-address? e-mail? have you a katalog,please?
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